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The department of Communication Media for Children is a Unique one and only one of its kinds in India.  The Master’s course offered is innovative and multidisciplinary. It focuses on both educational and recreational needs of children between 3-12 years and trains women in producing a variety of media material in traditional (Puppets), electronic media (audio-video/ computers) as well as writing for children.


  • To train women into a fast growing field of mass media with special interest in producing material for children
  • To develop prototype media material for children and test its effectiveness.
  • To develop a resource center and become a clearinghouse of media material for and about children.
  • To develop a research center dealing with children and media.


The department offers a two-year master's course in Communication Media for Children with the objective of training professionals in the field of media, who are sensitive to the needs of the children. There are three focus areas of study:

  1. Electronic Media
  2. Puppetry & Theatre
  3. Writing

The program focuses equally on theoretical course work and practical experience. Other than regular subjects offered in mass communication courses, there are innovative courses like `Social Impact of Media', `Children & Television', `Creative Media for Children’ and  `Communicating to Children’.  These courses have been especially designed to meet the needs of this program.


In the past few years we have identified and initiated research in the field of children and media. Our areas of research have been, Media Education, Children’s literature, Use of Media for therapeutic purposes, Children and Media Violence, Media Utilization by children, Children, Body Image and Media Usage, Children and Social Networking and other uses of Internet.

The faculty has also presented papers in conferences based on other small researches
conducted by them from time to time.


The department has professional digital, Beta cam shooting & editing equipment, a still photography lab, with facility of black and white developing and an acoustically treated studio facility with lights


The department is involved with several schools and NGO’s in Pune to conduct creative activities, reading and writing enhancement activities, media education and value education.


Other activities of the department and the faculty besides teaching, learning and evaluation are

  • Conduct seminars on subject related themes for  faculty and students
  • Organize exhibitions and displays of  students’ works for  parents,  school and college students to create awareness about the multi facets of Home Science education
  • Conduct programs for and by the alumni
  • Provide hands of experiences to students in shooting, editing live programs like college and university functions, film festivals etc.
  • Guidance, mentoring and counseling students
  • Participate and present papers  in conferences and seminars conducted by  academic institutions
  • Work as experts in LIC, CAS, syllabus restructure committees
  • Work as members of academic bodies of the University and various administrative, curricular and extra curricular  committees of the college
  • Create learning resources, contribute articles, write books in subject areas
  • Upgrade  knowledge in related and emerging areas by attending refresher courses, in service training programs. 
  • Conduct local field trips and educational tours for students


Prof &- Head of the department : Radha Misra
E-mail ID:

Areas of expertise/ research – Media Education, New Media and Women and Media.

Courses taught :

    • Introduction to Communication
    • Development Communication
    • Understanding Cinema
    • Media and Society


Dr. Manik Dixit
Phone:(020) 25432097 / 25420528

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