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S. N. D. T. COLLEGE OF HOME SCIENCE Offers three years Degree Programme at Pune, Maharashtra

The Goals

A matter of key importance, when one is attempting to define Home Science, is the necessity of emphasizing the importance of ``Improving the Quality of life'' within the house hold, and immediate environment of the Household. In view of the above mission, the SNDT College of Home Science has identified the following goals.

  • To provide formal higher education in Home Science
  • To offer courses which prepare students for employment in Home Science related professions.
  • To raise the level of living and improve the quality of human life through out- reach programmes.
  • To promote all round development of students through co-curricular and extracurricular activities.

Bachelor's Degree Courses

  • Food Science and Nutrition
  • Vocational Course in "Food Science and Quality Control"
  • Interior Space Design
  • Textile Science and Apparel Design
  • Human Development
  • Human Ecology & Consumer Services
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Structure of the B.Sc. Home Science Curriculum

  • Foundation Courses: The subjects offered under this component equip students with the basic study skills and skills of communication.
  • Related Areas: Include the courses in physical, biological and environmental sciences, humanities and arts which form the basis for the various specialisations in Home Science.
  • Home Science for all: Compulsory subjects incorporating various areas of Home Science.
  • Specialisation: Specially designed for training students for various professions related to the field of Home Science and are offered in IV, V and VI semesters.
Career Prospects
Food Science and Nutrition

1)Nutrition and Dietetics

2) Food Science
& Quality Control

Dietitian, and Nutrition Dietetics Food Service Manager, Self employment, Applied
Nutrition Worker
1) Interior Space Design

Interior Designer, Sales promoter for household equipments

Textile Science and Apparel Design

Textile Science and Apparel Design1

Dress designer,Textile testing research assistant in Laboratory, Pattern designer, Costumes designer, Designer in garment industry, Self employment in boutiques.
Human Development
1) Early Childhood Care and Education
Nursery school teacher, Créche & daycare centreworker, Supervisor in I.C.D.S. Project, Child Development worker
Human Ecology & Consumer Services
-Human Ecology & Consumer Services
Self employment in Home Science Related areas



The duration of the B.Sc. Home Science degree course is of 3 years (6 semesters) after Higher Secondary Certificate examination. Each semester consists of 16 to 18 academic weeks.

Attendance Requirement

A candidate shall be required to attend at least 75% of the number of practicals and theory classes separately for each subject of study in each semester and only then, subject to other conditions being fulfilled, be eligible to appear at either the College or the University examination.

Financial Aid Scholarship and Freeship :

Students Aid Fund facility is available for deserving students. It will be given to deserving and needy students, subject to the fultilment of conditions attached to various scholarships and freeships. Students must submit details regarding their financial status to the office, if desirous of receiving some financial aid. They should contact the staff members in-charge immediately after admission to the college to enable the office to guide them. All formalities for scholarships are to be completed within the first month of the academic year.


Dr. Manik Dixit
Phone:(020) 25432097 / 25420528

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