Students are most affected by the quality of their teachers. Students not only just interact with their teachers every day in the classroom, but also the quality of that interaction matters for  students’ future. In this article we will be discussing about top five qualities of effective teachers.

1. The ability to develop relationships with their students

It is important for the teachers, to be able to build trusting relationships with their students in order to create a  positive and productive learning environment. One of the example is that teachers should be  “Willing to listen to students when there is a problem.”

2. Patient, caring, and kind personality

Being a compassionate person and having a sensitivity to student differences, is another important quality of an effective teacher.

3. Knowledge of learners

The third quality incorporates knowledge of the cognitive,  emotional and social development of students. An effective teacher should be able to understand:

  • how students learn at a particular developmental level
  • how learning in a particular subject matter typically progresses (like learning progressions or trajectories)
  • awareness that each learner have his/her own individual needs and abilities
  • understanding that instruction should be tailored, in order to meet each learner’s specific needs

4. Dedication to teaching

Dedication in context of teaching can be described as a love of teaching or passion for it, which also includes a commitment to students’ success. In other words, it means that a teacher should be “always willing to help and give time.”

5. Engaging students in learning

An effective teacher should also be able to motivate and engage students to learn. The three types of engagements, which are generally required for students to learn, are: cognitive, emotional, and behavioral.