1. To impart knowledge and develop capacities of the students through state of the art higher education in the areas of Human Nutrition and Food Science, Food Safety and Quality, Food Processing and Food Product Development.
  1. To develop students to become professionals in these and related areas who can work effectively and efficiently in academics, research, food industry, training, extension and community service.
  1. To develop capacities and abilities and enable them to 

Pursue higher education and research in Food Science, Nutrition and Food Processing.

Semester – I

  • Nutritional Biochemistry
  • Advanced Nutrition I
  • Analytical Instrumentation
  • Food Microbiology and Safety – Th
  • Food Microbiology and Safety –  Pr
  • Sensory Evaluation

Semester – II

  • Research Methodology
  • Food Science and Chemistry
  • Advanced Nutrition II
  • Food Science Pr
  • Principles of Food Preservation and Processing
  • Elective I(Elective within Home Science )

Semester – III

  • Research and Statistical Applications
  • Food Analysis and Quality Control
  • Food Processing
  • Food Product Development and Packaging
  • Functional Foods and Nutraceuitcals
  • Elective II(Elective outside Home Science )

Semester – IV

  • Dissertation
  • Internship
  • Research Applications in Nutrition and Food Processing
  • Recent Methods in Food Processing, Preservation and Packaging