1. Is college affiliated to Mumbai University?2019-08-03T09:17:10+05:30

No, the College is affiliated to Shreemati Nathibai Damodar Thackersey (SNDT) Women’s University and the headquarters is at Churchgate in Mumbai.

2. Can we, after 12th, directly take admission to Nutrition as special subject?2019-08-03T09:28:09+05:30

No, first year is common which offers foundation courses in each specializations. Specialization can be chosen based on the score of English and two subjects related to the specialization. 50% weightage will also be given to first year result.

3. Is PCB or PCM compulsory for admission to Home Science or FSQC?2019-08-03T09:29:31+05:30

For admission to Home Science, PCB, PCM is not compulsory. Students from any stream can join the course, but for FSQC, Chemistry in H.S.C is compulsory. 

4. Is hostel facility available?2019-08-03T09:30:38+05:30


5. Is internship mandatory for the completion of coursework?2019-08-03T09:32:46+05:30


6. Is this course related to only cooking and stitching?2019-08-03T09:36:51+05:30

No, not at all. The course deals with the scientific study and research regarding food, shelter & clothing and human relationships.

7. Are all the courses fulltime?2019-08-03T09:38:33+05:30


8. What is the medium of instruction?2019-08-03T09:39:31+05:30

English and Marathi, but FSQC is offered only in English.

9. How to apply for the course?2019-08-03T09:41:31+05:30
10. When does the admission process start?2019-08-03T09:42:35+05:30

Immideately after Maharashtra State HSC Board Results.

11. Is there any in-house quota for admission to FY B. H. Sc. /F.S.Q.C. if I have passed the class XII exam from the same college?2019-08-03T09:43:05+05:30


12. Is there a direct admission to the PG courses after completing graduation from the same college?2019-08-03T09:43:48+05:30


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