P.G. Diploma in Sports Science, Fitness & Nutrition


This programme will enable students:

  1. to train and develop professionals with expertise in fitness and nutrition management for services in wellness/fitness centres, weight management programmes, and to school/college/university teams, health centres and sports academies
  2. to develop capabilities to provide individual counseling and group education in nutrition, exercise and fitness
  3. to prepare students for careers as entrepreneurs in organizing, directing or managing physical fitness programmes with a holistic approach to fitness and wellness

Semester I

  • Human Nutrition and Metabolism
  • Human Nutrition Pr
  • Human Physiology
  • Sports and Exercise Science Th
  • Sports and Exercise Science Pr
  • Anatomy, Kinesiology and Ergonomics

Semester II

  • Nutrition in Health and Disease
  • Nutrition for Sports and Exercise Th
  • Nutrition for Sports and Exercise Pr
  • Weight Management, Rehabilitation and Fitness Th
  • Weight Management, Rehabilitation and Fitness Pr
  • Sports Psychology and Counseling


  • Smt. Anuja Kinikar,   Head of the Department