Dr. Lalieetaa Bbhagat
Assistant Professor
Email: lalieetaabbhagat24@gmail.com
Designation:Assistant Professor
Qualifications:PhD SET in Social Work, Master of Social Work, BSc in Homescience, Diploma in HRM, Diploma in BM, and M.A. in Subject Communication.
Areas of Expertise:Extension Education
Number of Years of Service:3 Years

Dr. Lalieetaa Bbhagat holds a Bachelor’s degree in Home Science, Master’s degree in Social Work, M.A. in Subject Communication, Ph.D. in Social Work, has successfully completed S.E.T. Diploma in Human Resource Management and Business Management. She has an experience of 4 years in teaching. She joined SNDT College of Home Science, Pune in November 2015. 

Working as Head of Human Ecology and Consumer Services from last 3 years. Working as N.S.S. PO From last 4 years. Working in NAAC Committees. Working in Different Administrative Committees.

Published 3 Research Papers in International Journals. Presented 1 Research Paper in 1 National Conference. Completed 1 month Orientation programme with A grade. Participated in 2 Faculty Development Programmes.