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The SNDT College of Home Science, Pune, under the auspices of its Science Department, recently concluded a week-long celebration in honor of National Science Day. Commencing on the 28th of February and culminating on the 6th of March, 2024, the event showcased a vibrant spectrum of activities designed to foster scientific temper and creativity among students. The celebration was marked by an array of competitions, exhibitions, and lectures, encapsulating the spirit of inquiry and innovation.

  1. Poster Making Competition: The event witnessed enthusiastic participation from students across various departments, each vying to represent scientific concepts and ideas through artistic expressions. Themes ranged from environmental conservation to groundbreaking scientific innovations, demonstrating the participants understanding and imagination.
  2. Scitoon (Science Cartoon Making Competition): This unique competition provided a platform for students to express their scientific knowledge and critiques in a light-hearted manner. The creativity and insight displayed in these cartoons were commendable.
  3. Science Project Exhibitions: These exhibitions showcased innovative projects and models developed by students, covering a wide range of scientific disciplines. From sustainable technologies to advanced research models, the exhibitions provided a glimpse into the  potential future directions of scientific advancement. It was an opportunity for students to present their research, receive feedback, and interact with peers and professors on a platform that celebrated scientific inquiry and invention.
  4. Rangoli Competition: The Science-Themed Rangoli Competition took place on foyer of the college where students transforming it into a vibrant canvas that displayed the intricate relationship between art and science. Participants from various departments across the SNDT College of Home Sciecne, Pune came together to showcase their talent and creativity, drawing inspiration from a wide array of scientific concepts, phenomena, and achievements. The themes for the Rangoli designs were as diverse as science itself, ranging from depictions of celestial bodies, DNA structures, and floral biodiversity to creative representations of renewable energy sources, the periodic table and famous scientists and their inventions.
  1. Lecture by Mr. Mayuresh Prabhune: The culmination of the Science Day celebrations was marked by a lecture on the Achievements of ISRO in Space Research' by Mr. Mayuresh Prabhune, a renowned science reporter. This event is held at the prestigious Tarapore Auditorium on the 6 th of March, 2024, the lecture attracted a large audience of students, faculty and science enthusiasts. Mr. Prabhune’s insightful discourse on India's strides in space exploration and ISROs pivotal role in advancing space research captivated the audience. His talk not only highlighted the technological achievements of ISRO but also inspired the attendees to aspire for careers in science and technology.


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